The homes we design are as unique as the individuals who live in them. But our goal is always the same - exceed homeowner expectations. Here are a few of their reactions to our highly custom and collaborative approach.

  • Mary Rogers - Sea Bright, NJ

    CMG Custom Builders is a very thorough, professional, and honest company. Their workmanship was excellent, time schedules were met and their pricing was very competitive. Kevin, Rich, Kyle and their team surpassed our expectations. We highly recommend them.

  • Dorrie G. - Bay Head, NJ

    My husband and I needed to rebuild our home due to damage from Hurricane Sandy. We met with multiple contractors in the Jersey Shore area but no one came close to Kevin Lightbody at CMG Custom Builders. He is one of the most considerate, caring, responsible and talented contractors we have ever worked with. He was always available if we had any issues or concerns and never once disappointed us. He gave our project 100%+ effort and energy and it turned out beautiful. I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the product and the people at CMG Custom Builders. Having lived in old homes most of my life and built several new ones as well, this is definitely the best way to go for new construction. The time savings was incredible and the cost savings immense vs. traditional build.

    We couldn't be happier with our home and all the beautiful detail CMG Custom Builders put into it. All of CMG's workers were considerate, caring and talented. It was truly a pleasure to work with them and I hope we can continue to build on our friendship for years to come.

  • The Johansen Family - Beach Haven West

     After an awful experience with our first builder, and two years of delays and setbacks, I came to CMG Custom Builders. I met with Rich and Kevin and was immediately put at ease by their warmth and professionalism. They broke everything down and helped me choose the design elements that would fit my needs and budget. During the whole process they made themselves available for any questions or concerns via email, phone, and the customized project website.

    I received a provisional CO and was able to move back into my house in January of 2016. Since then the CMG team has made contact with me on a regular basis to make sure I was completely satisfied in my new home and to take care of any needed final touches. As of March 2016, my final CO was approved by my municipality. I can’t express how grateful I am to the team at CMG Custom Builders. They are true professionals, but more than that, truly caring people who helped me get through a truly difficult time.


    Barbara A. Johansen

    Harry Drive - Stafford Township

  • The Schwartz Family - Manasquan

    Thank you Rich, Kevin, Matt, and Mike. Building a home is not easy, in fact it is downright stressful as can be. Not only is there a lot of money at risk but it is emotionally draining. However, I cannot imagine the process being any easier or better than it was with the CMG Custom Builers Team. They are excellent at what they do, and were able to take a lot of the stress out of the process and carry it for us. Our budget was in line with expectations and there were no surprises. There were never any difficult conversations. Every phone call and text was immediately addressed. They cared for our home like it was their own. This company is fantastic! We love our new home and are thrilled with the result. If you are looking to build, call the CMG team.

  • The Boyce Family - Ortley Beach

    My house was destroyed during Super Storm Sandy.  After being turned down by several builders we met with Kevin and Rich from CMG  who stood by us and helped rebuild our shore home.  Never being in this situation of building a home, they worked with us every step of the way.  It was amazing how they put everything into the computer and came up with a design to our liking - including a small back deck and a covered front porch.  They gave us estimates on building a modular home and "stick built" home and offered us a non-biased opinion on the direction we should go to keep costs in line.  We ended up site building the house and saving money as a result.  We liked that they had two divisions to the company and did not push us into either direction but rather presented the options to us and offered their opinion where we needed it. 

    They stayed within our agreed budget and broke down each step of the construction process and were very good about completing each phase of construction in a timely fashion with keeping us in the loop at every step.  Everything was included in our price that we agreed on (from permits to certificate of occupancy).  If we made an upgrade they always kept us informed of the price change.  Each time we would call we got an answer pretty fast or next day if they had to check on something.  Even if we stopped in the office (Many times on Saturday!) they always made time to hear our concerns and always made us feel like family. 

    They are a great group of family oriented people and a pleasure to work with.  We are slowly moving in and enjoying our home.  Thanks CMG for helping us rebuild. 

    David & Kathleen Boyce (Ortley Beach)

  • The Gagnon Family - Bay Head

    After buying a house mostly destroyed by Hurricane Sandy, we fixed it up to live in, while we determined what we wanted to build. After reviewing all the options and meeting with countless builders , we decided CMG Custom Builders. They were the most flexible in design as we didn’t want cookie cutter and they were willing to go above and beyond in helping us design the perfect house for our family. Kevin was amazingly patient with us as we went thru version after version of redesigns. We locked down a design and got pricing. Then it all changed. We spent a little time in one of our neighbor’s houses which completely made us rethink how the first floor should be laid out. After about 15 minutes on the phone with Kevin asking if this was possible, the immediate answer was, of course. And more time and effort was expended by Kevin to help us redesign the house which in the end turned out absolutely perfect.

    Demo, pilings, all went smoothly. Weather effected some of the exterior work as we had siding, flooring, bathrooms and kitchen all done on site. Delays are inevitable in construction projects, but the communication between us and CMG Custom Builders was terrific. Almost daily communication on what was being done, what decisions we had to make and timing of all. Having them local and so accessible was great for us as meetings were easy to schedule and face time was easy to get.

    Even when issues arose, each was handled with professionalism. I will readily admit I’m a tough customer to deal with and they were patient beyond compare.

    Building a house is always a challenge as so many decisions have to be made, but with the modular process almost all of the decisions are made upfront. A suggestion I would make to future customers is to take your time. Every outlet, switch, light fixture, plumbing fixture all have to be decided on early and during the design process. We got about 99% of it right during the design process which I take as a big win and due to Kevin being so thorough.

    A major bonus for us was working with Diana as well. She was on top of every detail, was ultra communicative and responsive to any issue that arose. Even now, after being in the house for 9 months when any little issue comes up, they are quick to handle and resolve.

    I can’t say enough good things about the quality of the product and the people at CMG Custom Builders.

    Our house was completed, soup to nuts in 6 months from the day it was torn down to the day we were living in it. There are several that were started around us at about the same time and they’re still under construction today – 15 months later.

    If you want a quality home with easy to deal with people at a fair price - Call CMG Custom Builders.

    Thank you for all your efforts,

    Brian & Dorrie Gagnon

  • Point Pleasant Beach Project

    Dear Rich, kevin and all at CMG Custom Builders,


    All of the planning, designing and building is now complete and we have finally moved into our beautiful new home. Thank you to the entire team at CMG Custom Builders for helping us every step of the way.  From our first phone call, to your office after Hurricane Sandy, and all our hurdles with RREM until receiving our final CO.  Your process was very open and welcoming.


    We appreciate all the time spent in meetings going through the entire design process. Kevin was always very patient with all my changes and questions.

    You guys also took one of the most stressful parts of any construction project, "Budgeting", and were able to break it down so we could see right where we were at and keep on it.

    During the construction we always got fast response to any questions or concerns either through the online system, email or phone. The online portal was an excellent way for us to stay up to date and a big help to me while purchasing the finishes for the house.

    Now that we are moved in there have been a few minor issues to be addressed and CMG has been quick to send out the contractors resolve them.

    Hurricane Sandy=stress


    House construction=stress

    You were able to make this equation = Happiness


    Thank you,

    Neil & Diana Russell